(All prices in USD)

Pencil Commissions – New packages coming soon.

This is tradigital art. I start with pencil, scan, and digital painting for the final. Please check my gallery for more refined examples.  This is good if you want something very personal to use, like for an avatar or inexpensive gift art. More options will come open for this style over time, but don’t hesitate to ask for something more customized.

Most images are rendered from 5″ x 7″ to as large as 11″ x 14″ depending on your needs.  Final images are delivered as a full resolution PNG file.

Vector Art Commissions – Open

Vector art is highly recommended if you like crisp lines, lots of details, and want the art to be easily scaled.  Vector art is priced differently from pencil work since it’s much more technical and is my bread-and-butter.  If you like the aesthetic or have a mechanical need for it, vector is the route to go!

Raster – to – Vector

If you need someone to turn your raster drawing into a vector file, this is what you’ll need. Most companies offer this service for free and will give you the file under the assumption you’ll be hiring them.  Some, unfortunately, just use live trace–which is fine if you want a hand-drawn look.  My service is a lot more specific and your graphics are rendered with flexibility in mind.

  • 1 Color – (black & white) – $25+
  • 2-5 Colors (For simple graphics) – $45+
  • Unlimited Colors – $75+

Price includes AI, EPS, and PDF to cover all needs.

Vector Art

From your idea, to my sketch, to my vector.

  • B & W Line Art (Similar to my coloring pages) – $45+
  • Lapel pin / patch / enamel CNC designs (Basic enamel style; best with 1-5 colors) – $Varies
  • Flats – $75
  • Shaded – $100

Getting  Started

Turnaround times, revisions, deadlines

All projects over $50 allow for 3 revisions, with an additional 3 every extra $50. Be specific and provide image references to what you would like wherever possible for the best workflow and results.

Turnaround times can vary, usually 1-2 days per stage depending on work queue.  The more details your order contains, the longer it will take. You will be notified upfront.

Reasonable deadlines are available at no extra fee. Be direct about this when you first contact me; I organize my work queue very tightly and will not re-arrange them for last minute notices without fee.

Within 24 hours IS available on some projects for an extra fee of 50% the final price.

If you wish to use a “middleman”, refer to my Etsy Shop or Artists n Clients account. I can make custom orders for you on both websites. Message me on either of those websites to begin.

Contacting Me

I accept several online processors, including Paypal, as well as cryptocurrencies as payment (I accept BCH, DOGE, LTC, and ETH, but I’m very flexible.) for those who wish to remain anonymous or like to use them.

The best way to get in touch with me is via the following:

  • via email: sugandyaart@gmail.com
  • skype: sexyjesuspower
  • discord: sugandya#3202