Business days are Monday thru Friday, 7AM to 3PM EST (GMT-5 or -4 depending on DST), US holidays excluded.

Orders placed after 3PM will ship the next day.

Where are your pins made? Can you tell me?

I work with different groups overseas depending on my needs.  Each factory has different techniques that they’re better at than others. I’d love to tell you but, once the word gets out, it’s easy for them to get overrun and quality to degrade since they’re all made by hand. If you’re looking to get pins made, I highly recommend sourcing your own after the design is done and see who clicks with you.

Can I commission you for a pin?

Yes! You will be responsible for fees from the factory, but I won’t charge a middleman fee.  You’ll only pay me for the design work. Please understand that, while some factories will allow you to make just one pin, you’ll still have to pay a mold fee. That’s often the most expensive part (that, and shipping).  The pins will be sent to the address you provide.

If you’re interested in any form of commission, send your message to